SBM Consulting Sweden

About us

Our business concept and vision

SBM Consulting Sweden's vision is to change the traditional forms of business and organization with a focus on strengthening the individual's self-leadership and building new patterns of behaviour through all stages of the company, nationally and internationally.


By supporting and guiding leaders and employees in companies and organizations through change processes, we contribute to creating safe, successful and sustainable organizations with a good culture of conversation.

Our mission

SBM Consulting Sweden's mission is to focus on the interpersonal interaction in a change process to increase inclusion.


We believe it is important to see the company as holistic where people play an important part and role to interact in order to be directed towards the same goals for increased profitability and sustainability, while at the same time helping you to harness new ideas to achieve new goals for a modern and successful company.

We work with transparent communication at every meeting, which means that you get open and honest communication from the beginning.

Our method - We nurture and support mental development

We nurture our business relationships and put our clients first. We are driven by four ethical principles throughout the business. These principles form the cornerstones of our alliance building with clients:


Active listening





Through active listening, we show a personal interest in you and your company. Through validation, we show acceptance to your wishes and provide feedback. We confirm and assure that we hold consensus on the nature of the assignment and carry out accordingly as agreed.

About me

Sandy Monteiro

My experience


I have 12 years of experience in tutoring and educating groups and individuals. I am a professional social educator and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I have worked in the educational industry and trained social work professionals for 7 years and had lectures in psychology, criminal behavior, psychiatric disorders. 

I also have training in employment law, MI-motivational interview technique. Communication skill for managers in MI-motivational interview technique. Work management and organization and leadership development and organizational behavior managemnet. I work nationally and international. I have worked with employees from PWC-Poland financial crime unit and have beginning training in AI- artificiell intelligence.


My focus today


I supervise leaders and managers who want to improve their leadership and who are facing a process of change in their workplace. We work together in a structured way with different scientific tools focusing on behavior change for the benefit of themselves and their workplace. I also assist my service in reorganization for support for individuals and groups. I coach online, in workplaces and in own coaching practice within The Coaching House in Stockholm. 


I share a clinic with experienced psychologists, doctors and therapists at Psychotherapy Clinic Integrative Health located at Skånegatan 97 in Stockholm. 


I am a member of the Behavioral Association:!biz/id/61674242913fb928b037df84