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"Open warm and responsive to the needs that exist"




CBT -Therapy



"Thank you for everything, you are incredibly good. Thank you for everything. The best"



Client - CBT Therapy


"I have learned to reflect more clearly on recurring situations, find possible traps and seek other ways that may lead more in the direction I want. I have also learned to look more clearly at my network and who I have in my vicinity. It has become a great joy. I'm less alone than I thought."


Client - CBT Therapy

90 day program

"Committed and competent."


Britt-Marie Stridh

Leg. psychologist, Leg psychotherapist and supervisor

CBT Group in Stockholm

"Calm and clear presence and listening"


Consultant client 

Anna-Greta Tissari


Health and medical care

"The CPT program that Sandy designed for my needs was of the greatest quality and included all the components that I neededto learn in order to improve my negotiation skills. The program was supposed to address the complexity of people relationships in the business world - satisfy the needs of demanding customers or successfully solve difficult topics between colleagues and with management. The program provides a brilliant overview of individuals behavioural aspects that gives context of how to successfully deal with different types of situations. Highly recommend for all individuals in the business world, and not only!


 Consultant client

Iana Zubova

PWC Poland Financial Crime Unit

user of CPT- Communication process technique

"Sandy has the ability to pull the right strings, helping me see myself from new perspectives that lead to change. I've seen how I've limited and diminished myself. I have had the honor of having Sandy as a lecturer and partner. Sandy is a humble individual with a focus on man. Sandy has a fantastic teaching ability that arouses interest among the participants and creates participation. I can only highly recommend Sandy to future clients/clients/employers."


E Fazlic

Participants in vocational education and training Social educators from the public sector