SBM Consulting Sweden

If you were to describe your company, what image would you see for your inner eye?


A company/organization has healthier employees if they work with clarity and targeted development.


It is important for the employees and for you as a manager that you implement the company´s value, have ethical guidelines and principles that make the work tasks have a purpose and meaning. For this to happen, communication and understanding of each other's roles are a central part.

It reduces both stress and dissatisfaction in the change process and you get to keep the precious skills within the company.

As a consultant, we can together find out what changes need to be implemented to create good collaboration, management, employeers unique value and good personal growth in your coworker. 

We offer consultancy within these areas.

Online or in your workplace

Strength-based leadership development

Strength-based leadership development is based on scientific data on personality strength and how it can be useful for you as a leader. We do an analysis where you can see your character strengths as your core personality. Together we make a plan of how you can use it in your workplace and how it will benefit for you and your employees. 

Executive coaching

The management guide is for you who need support in your management performance to increase your professional skill, and be satisfied with the work you do that in its extension creates security for your employees and profitability for your company. We start off with you doing a scientific test based on your charachter, and then we make a plan for your proffessional growth. We also look into your work-home-balance. 

Employee behavior coach

This is for your employeer that has a need of self-activation, sustain positive relationship, learn from setbacks, inner motivation, communication skills, how to handle stress in decision making, minimizing negative stressors, find the balance between work-home.

Purpose Planning

Goals and values work are central to the company as it affects the culture, employees and the result. We can help you through behavioral analysis with how you can effectively get the result in the long term.