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Motivational communication technique

MI - Motivational conversations is a communication tool for managers who want to guide and have a coaching leadership to support your staff in a change process.

The technique helps you to get structure in employee interviews, motivate your working group to new structural changes.

The conversational technique can be used from the individual, group and organizational level.

Strength-based leadership

Seeing and encouraging the strengths of its employees is crucial to having a functioning working group. We help you through research-based measurement instruments to clarify where the strength of the working group is located and also how you can develop your leadership to get a functioning and motivating working group. This position can also be individualized to an employee or manager to strengthen leadership.

Coaching leadership

Coaching leadership is a form of transformational leadership. It helps you as a manager to lead towards creating good relationships with your employees and to help them with structured problem solving. Here you get hands-on tools in communication, how to create a good feedback culture and how to make your employees more motivating and independent.